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Brooklyn Nets Owner On The Team Allowing Kyrie Irving's Return: "My Only Religion Is To Win Games And Win The Championship. That’s Where We Are."

Kyrie Irving

In a surprising turn of events, Kyrie Irving is returning to the Brooklyn Nets soon. A specific date for his comeback is yet to be announced, but the decision is already making noise around the association. 

Initially, the Nets stated they wouldn't allow Kyrie to be a part-time player, but things have changed after the recent spike of covid-19 cases within the team. This situation opened the door for Kyrie, with many fans wondering what happened with everything they said about Irving's decision. 

Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai recently talked with The New York Post, explaining what led to this decision. The billionaire owner said he wants to win the championship, and having all the pieces on the court is the best way to do so. 

“We’re trying to be practical. And I’ve always said I don’t want to make this a political issue,” Tsai told The Post by phone Friday night. “My only religion is to win games and win the championship. That’s where we are.” 

In the past, Tsai said he respected Kyrie's decision of not getting the vaccine but didn't understand it. Now, he admitted that many people would disagree with his decision, but he clarified this is not a political thing. He's thinking about the best option for his team. 

“So I think a lot of people that are either pro-vax or anti-vax people are mad at me for taking one stance or the other. But I have said from the very beginning I’m not taking this as a political thing,” Tsai told The Post. “I’m doing this to help the Brooklyn Nets win a championship. That’s the thinking.”

There you go. Kyrie is finally making his debut this season, hoping to uplift the Nets level as soon as he steps on the court. Even though they've managed to be the No. 1 seed in the East, many folks believe Kyrie will upgrade the squad and make them play like legit championship contenders. 

They need all the help available since eight Nets players have entered the league's health and safety protocols. Kevin Durant recently joined this list, so the picture doesn't look promising for the New Yorkers.