Stephen A. Smith: "Kevin Durant Is The Greatest Player In The History Of New York."

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Kendrick Perkins- "Kevin Durant Is The Greatest Scorer Of All-Time."

New York is often known as the mecca of basketball, and many players have spoken highly of the city itself. The city has two franchises: The Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. That means that historically, many great players have played in New York, such as Carmelo Anthony and Joe Johnson.

The recent superteam in Brooklyn features a big three that is led by Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is widely viewed as the best player on the Brooklyn Nets, and his championship pedigree cannot be understated. Ahead of the Brooklyn Nets' Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks, Stephen A. Smith has claimed that Kevin Durant is the greatest player ever to represent the city of New York in the sport of basketball.

Kevin Durant is the greatest player in the history of New York. Not Clyde Frazier 1971, not Patrick Ewing, not Carmelo Anthony. No-one. Kevin Durant is the greatest basketball player to ever represent the city of New York in basketball.

Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers that have ever played. Even if James Harden does end up playing, he will not be at full capacity, which means that the Brooklyn Nets will need Kevin Durant to carry the offensive load. There are many who view Kevin Durant as the greatest player in the world this season, and perhaps he can show everyone why in the upcoming game.