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Stephen A. Smith Offers An Apology To Allen Iverson: "I Think I Could Have Been More Of A Big Brother. I Just Got So Much Of Love For Him."

Stephen A. Smith Offers An Apology To Allen Iverson: "I Think I Could Have Been More Of A Big Brother. I Just Got So Much Of Love For Him."

Stephen A. Smith has become one of the most famous pundits in the world thanks to his outspoken personality and hot takes whenever he speaks. The ESPN talent has earned a reputation for not holding back when he wants to voice his opinion, which has made him some enemies over the years. 

Smith has even lost friendships over this, as he messed things up with those who felt close to him, especially in the NBA. Stephen A. is a controversial figure, and that's not something new. He has starred in difficult situations before making it to the big leagues, and one of them cost him a big friendship with one of the best NBA players ever. 

A couple of months ago, Smith admitted that he regretted almost losing his friendship with Allen Iverson over an article that didn't sit well with the 2001 NBA MVP. During an appearance on JJ Redick's The Old Man and the Three, Smith said: 

"It's hard to admit this as an objective observer, journalist, or commentator, but I love Allen Iverson. He's like a little brother to me. And covering him, being an African-American man from the streets of New York, knowing his story and knowing everything he endured, we went through a lot together covering him. I don't believe I'm sitting here in this position today if it were not for Allen Iverson. When he was a star in this league, the only person more popular than him one could easily argue was Michael Jordan. That's how popular Allen Iverson was. He didn't always do the right things, and sometimes that stuff was hard to write, and a whole bunch of stuff I didn't say, and I didn't write, but sometimes he left you no choice."

Stephen A. Smith Offers A Sincere Apology To Allen Iverson 

Smith recently joined another show, where he also touched on this matter, saying he would like to apologize to Iverson for not being there for him when he needed help. Stephen A. said that he should have taken a different approach when it came to AI to make it come into his sense.

"I should have took off my reporter hat years before I actually did and been more invasive. Been more in his face because I was one of the people who could do that to him. And he would actually listen, you know what I'm saying. He knew other than a quote or story, I ain't want nothing from him, you know.

"And he's come a long way, he's so much better now. But so much that he went through in his life. Obviously, I can't say whether I could have helped him. ... But I think I could have been more of a big brother. I just got so much of love for him."

Smith has several degrees in his life and career, and this appears to be one of the biggest. He was really close to Iverson, and things quickly changed between them for the lack of communication. AI was attacked by the media a lot, and it's easy to see why he felt so bad when somebody he thought had his back ended up doing the same things the others did. 

Stephen A. has shown his remorse for doing this, and whenever he talks about Iverson, you can feel that he feels really bad about him. Fortunately, they worked things out, and everything seems to be fine now.   


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