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Stephen A. Smith On The LeBron James-Kevin Durant Debate: "If You’re Asking Me Who Would I Want Offensively, Durant Or LeBron James, It Would Be Kevin Durant.”

(via Blue Man Hoop)

(via Blue Man Hoop)

For years, fans and analysts have engaged in a never-ending debate on who the best player in the world is.

And, while most people could agree that LeBron James has done enough merits to earn that distinction, at least during his prime, others believe that Kevin Durant is a far more talented player.

That includes ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who recently said that he'd take Kevin Durant ahead of LeBron because of his offensive skills:

“I think that Kevin Durant is one of the greatest talents this game has ever seen. But so is LeBron. LeBron has more rings, LeBron has shown better leadership. But he can’t shoot like Kevin Durant. He doesn’t have the offensive firepower that Durant has. If you’re asking me who would I want offensively, Durant or LeBron James, it would be Kevin Durant," Smith started.

Smith elaborated his argument by adding that, even though James is an outstanding player, Durant is just one of the best to ever do it, at least when it comes to scoring:

“Because LeBron James shooting 73% from the free-throw line ain’t cutting it. LeBron James, even though he’s improved his perimeter shooting vastly, still ain’t the shooter Kevin Durant is. No shame on LeBron, but it’s just that Kevin Durant is one of the greatest offensive players we’ve ever seen in the history of basketball. So as an offensive talent, yes I would prefer Kevin Durant," He concluded.

Truth be told, we'd be more than glad to have either of them on our team. They've both proven to be able to lead a team to a ring, although some may argue that Durant had a way easier path to his championships.

Whatever the case, it's obvious that you couldn't go wrong either way. LeBron and Durant will both end as two of the greatest players in NBA history, so there's no need to pick sides.