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Stephen A. Smith Predicted A Miami Vs. Boston Eastern Conference Finals

(via Pounding The Rock)

(via Pounding The Rock)

A year ago, nobody would have thought that the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat would be in a position to make the NBA Finals.

That is, everyone but Stephen A. Smith. Back in December, the infamous ESPN analyst predicted that the Lakers and Heat would meet in the NBA Finals -- a rather surprising call given the circumstances at the time.

In December, the Bucks and Lakers were dominating the NBA, and there was no reason to believe they wouldn't meet at the league's highest level of competition.

Yet, somehow, Stephen A. was able to see, even back then, the threat that Miami posed. In a 3-2 lead in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the Heat have proven to be among the best teams in the NBA this season, thanks to the combined powers of guys like Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo.

As for the Lakers, they have been overshadowed by other Western teams all season long, whether it was the Clippers, Rockets, Thunder, or Jazz. But with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they are considered the current favorites to win the 2020 NBA title.

Given everything that has happened, it's fair to say that things haven't gone according to plan this season. With the Heat and the Lakers holding a 3-1 lead, many have been proven wrong.

Perhaps we should have listened to Stephen A. from the beginning.