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Stephen Curry And LeBron James Were Born In The Same Hospital In Akron

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have more in common than people think of. They're both historically great in their position, they're both two of the greatest players to ever live, and they're both two of the most influential players in NBA history.

But more than that, they hold another unlikely bond and one of the strangest coincidences ever, as they were both born in the very same hospital: Akron General Medical Center.

This is unlikely because Stephen Curry is the son of an NBA player, while LeBron James grew up with a single mom and not much cash to spare. Yet, somehow their fates were tied since the very beginning, and we should all be thankful for this hospital.

Contrary to what most people think, Stephen Curry wasn't born in North Carolina but in Akron, Ohio, as his father Dell was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time. LeBron James, on the other hand, is the most illustrious person to ever be born in that city.

Stephen Curry spent most of his life in Charlotte and is a diehard fan of the Carolina Panthers, while LeBron James fulfilled the promise of delivering an NBA Championship to his home team.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry will go down as two of the most influential players of all time once it's all said and done. Their battles in the NBA Finals will transcend generations and will always be remembered as some epic matchups between two all-time greats.

So, once again, we should give plenty of credit to those doctors and medical staff from Akron General Medical Center for helping two historically great NBA superstars make it to this world safe and sound. Hopefully, they'll continue to deliver even more talents to the greatest basketball tournament in the face of the earth.