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Stephen Curry Describes His Chemistry With Klay Thompson And Draymond Green: "It’s Built On 10 Years Of Experience And Chemistry And Winning."

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The Golden State Warriors may no longer have Kevin Durant on the roster, but they still have their homegrown trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors are a contender once again, and there's no doubt that they're having a great season.

The Warriors trio has a lot of experience playing with one another. Their recent game marked a big milestone for them, as it was the first time the trio's seen the court together in quite some time.

Stephen Curry has recently spoken about his chemistry with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, claiming that it's built on 10 years of "experience" and "winning". There

"It’s built on 10 years of experience and chemistry and winning. And an understanding of how we do things. No matter how much time we have off, we can get right back to it... We want to keep building on that. We know each other like the back of our hand and we complement each other very well. There's a lot of confidence in that.

There is no doubt that it's good to see the Warriors franchise go back to winning ways after a couple of years of missing the postseason. Draymond Green has recently boldly proclaimed that the Golden State Warriors will end up winning this year's championship, and it's clear that the squad has a lot of confidence in themselves.

"Whether we're the No. 2 seed or No. 3 seed, we're going to win a championship. Don't really matter." 

The Golden State Warriors have a lot of talent on the roster, and they look like a potential championship team. They have solid players at almost every position, and there's no question that they'll be a tough matchup in the playoffs.

As of now though, their priority is simply getting to the postseason. Staying healthy is a key factor in winning a championship, and the Warriors will need everyone at full strength to win it all.