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Stephen Curry During Palo Alto Protest March: "Donald Trump Has Got To Go!"

(via CNN International)

(via CNN International)

As BLM protests continue worldwide, many famous and prominent athletes are speaking up in support of the black community. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Jackson are just some of basketball's biggest stars to stand alongside the protesters.

Steph Curry has been among the most active, not only speaking up in support of social justice but also taking the time to march alongside the BLM crowds in California.

In one protest in Palo Alto, the Golden State point guard made a rather strong statement in regards to President Trump:

"Donald Trump has got to go!"

Curry has been very active in speaking out against the President in the past. He turned down the annual, traditional visit to the White House after the Warriors won the chip in 2017, and actively questioned Trump when he criticized the Warriors and LeBron James for not speaking out on the China controversy.

Perhaps the only NBA figures more antagonistic against the President are Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich, who have called Donald just about every name in the book.

No matter your feelings on the BLM movement, Steph, or President Trump, it's got to be worth something that the Warriors point guard is willing to speak with more than just his words. He's out there int he crowd, taking a stand for what he believes in. That's admirable.