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Stephen Curry Has Launched '2974' NFT Collection To Celebrate All-Time 3PT Record

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Stephen Curry has recently broken the regular season all-time 3PT record, previously held by Ray Allen. It seems as though he has already decided to celebrate his record in a fairly unique way.

Nick DePaula of ESPN has recently revealed that Stephen Curry has launched an NFT collection to commemorate his achievement. There are a total of 2974 unique NFTs, which represent the number of 3PT shots that Curry had to make to break Ray Allen's record. It seems as though these are being created for a good cause as well, as Curry plans to donate "100% of his profits" to his foundation.

In the aftermath of his record-breaking game last week at Madison Square Garden, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has launched a new NFT collection to celebrate each and every one of those 2,974 made 3-pointers.

The "2974 Collection" launched Monday at, and it features a series of nonfungible tokens that are each individually numbered out of a total 2,974 -- the number of 3s required to eclipse Ray Allen's previous mark of 2,973. Each unique NFT will be priced at $499, with Curry planning to donate 100% of his profits to the "Eat. Learn. Play" foundation that he and wife, Ayesha Curry, established in 2019.

"I'm truly grateful to be able to share this moment with all of the fans, the entire Bay Area community and everyone who has supported me throughout the years," Curry said.

The custom-created artwork of digital moments represents each make in the entire sequence of 2,974 3-pointers by Curry throughout his NBA career, leading up to the record-setting wing heave just five minutes into the Warriors' matchup against the New York Knicks on Tuesday.

The artwork was hand drawn by recent college graduate and artist Andrea McDonald and designed by combining a repeat "2974" print throughout to reproduce a memorable image from each made 3-pointer. Each piece includes the game's location and date along with Curry's digital signature.

This isn't Stephen Curry's first foray into the NFT craze, as he has previously bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for $180,000. Hopefully, these new NFTs allow Stephen Curry to fundraise effectively for his foundation, and they seem like a fairly interesting venture.

There is no doubt that this could be a unique collector's item for any fan. Many people would likely love to own a Stephen Curry-created NFT. Perhaps we'll see even more athletes launch their own NFTs in the future.