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Stephen Curry Has The Worst Shooting Night Of His Career When Taking More Than 20 Shots

Stephen Curr

The Warriors suffered a rare loss to the Phoenix Suns last night in a highly anticipated game. Two of the best-performing teams in the league faced off in the Suns’ homecourt, and Phoenix walked away with the win. And much of the Warriors’ loss could be attributed to Stephen Curry’s poor night.

Against the Phoenix Suns, Stephen Curry had the worst shooting night of his career, while attempting 20 or more shots. During the game, Curry only had 12 points, making 4 of his 21 attempted field goals, and 3 of his 14 three-pointers. It was a poor showing from a player who has been in spectacular form so far this season.

Curry has been excellent during the course of this season, putting on some incredible performances. Many believe that he is one of the favorites to win the MVP this season, based on how his play has helped the Warriors hold one of the best records in the league. This is what makes this showcase all the more baffling.

The Warriors lost their position on top of the NBA, as the Suns now have the same record as them, but have the head-to-head advantage over the Warriors. And they continued their incredible undefeated run, now with 17 wins in a row, not losing a single game in November, something Devin Booker acknowledged after the game.

The Warriors will be looking forward to bouncing back in their next game. Despite the loss, there isn’t too much cause for concern, given that this is only their third loss of the season. And they have a long time to go to before the playoffs come. 

Given that they are still expecting players like Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back, they will only get stronger as the season goes on.