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Stephen Curry On Who He'd Pick For A Shot To Save The World: "Klay Thompson"

Stephen Curry Sends Klay Thompson A Message: "He Knows April, May, And June Is What It's All About. I Can't Wait To See It."

Credit: Kyle Terada

Stephen Curry has been one of the most dominant players this NBA season, especially in the past 11-12 games, where he went off on rivals, setting and tying some records while taking the Golden State Warriors to get some big wins over big rivals.

Curry is playing the best basketball of his career and people are well aware of that. If there's somebody who could beat supervillains shooting 3-pointers, that would be him, but recently, he was put in a position to pick one player not named 'Curry' to save the world. His answer was pretty quick and he didn't hesitate to show his Splash Brother, Klay Thompson. During a recent interview with Basketball News, Curry was inquired.

BN: One shot to save the world. One 3-pointer and it can't be anyone named Curry. Who do you got to save the world?

Curry: Klay Thompson.

These two guys changed the game of basketball and the way it's played nowadays. The Splash Brother brought something "new" to the table and revolutionized the game and that will be impossible to forget. They share some records with the Warriors thanks to their shooting skills, which is why Curry trusts Klay with his life. Unlike Max Kellerman, who picked Andre Iguodala over anybody else on the Warriors roster to save the universe, Curry went with Klay and we're not the ones that will debate the 3x NBA champion. On Friday, while the Warriors beat the Denver Nuggets, with Steph torching the visitors with 32 points, they shared a big moment. You could see in Klay's look how much he missed being on the court and his friend went to the bench to talk to him and possibly give him some encouraging words.

The relationship they have is something else and we can't wait to see them back on the court together. Perhaps he won't save the world but Klay can make a huge difference for the Warriors next season.