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Stephen Curry Refuses To Let The Warriors Have A Losing Mentality: "I'm Not Gonna Let Us Be That Team."

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The Golden State Warriors have recently lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, and it was very obviously a game that they had a good chance of winning. The Golden State Warriors were leading going into the 4th quarter, but the Los Angeles Lakers managed to pull off the upset due to LeBron James' clutch performance.

This loss to the Lakers is the 4th loss in a row for the Warriors. They are only 2-8 over their last 10 games, and this is far from the quality of play that got them back into contention. They have now fallen to the 3rd seed after this loss.

Stephen Curry was adamant that he was not going to let the team give in to a losing mentality, claiming that the Warriors are "not that team", and adding that he wasn't going to let the Warriors "be that team".

Giving in to a losing mentality. We’re not that team. I’m not gonna let us be that team. We've shown who we are in terms of how we started the season... feel like we can obviously get back to that.

The Golden State Warriors are currently not at full health, as they are missing Draymond Green, as well as role players such as James Wiseman and Andre Iguodala. There's no doubt that they still have time to turn it around and get back to top-tier levels of play. They are definitely not the same team without Draymond Green, and the sooner he gets back, the faster they will get back on track. Stephen Curry has previously stated that the Warriors aren't "going to be anything great" without the defensive forward.

Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors start losing less in the upcoming weeks. They had two All-Star starters in Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry this season, and it is obvious that they have talented players on the roster. They need to get back to what helped them win at the start of the season, and perhaps they will make the necessary adjustments and go on another run.