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Stephen Curry Shares His Favorite Story About Draymond Green: "Next Thing I Know, Draymond Has A Bushel Of Grapes... He's Picking One Up And Throwing It At The Guy, Just Whaling It At Him."

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

One of the things that allowed the Golden State Warriors to establish their dynasty in the 2010s was the bond they shared. All the players on the team bought into their collective goal of becoming champions. And because they were able to achieve that goal, it created a bond among those players.

No trio of players signifies that bond more than Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The three players make up the core of the Golden State Warriors and were the foundational blocks of their championships.

Stephen Curry recently shared his favorite story of Draymond Green, one that shows just how far he is willing to go for his brothers. Curry is a Carolina Panthers fan, and he and his family, along with Draymond and Steve Kerr were invited to the Panthers' game against the Seattle Seahawks.

During the game, an interception for the Seahawks has their fans going wild. A section of Seahawks fans got into a food fight with Panthers fans. 

Upon seeing his friends getting popcorn thrown at them, Green begins throwing grapes at the Seahawks fans to show his support for Curry and his family. Steph joked that Green is considered the pseudo-protector of the Curry family since that day.

“Draymond is family in the sense that he’s ride-or-die. One of our favorite stories -- obviously I’m a Carolina Panthers fan, they were playing in Seattle, we had an off weekend. Me, my mom, dad, and my wife, Draymond, coach [Steve] Kerr, some of the guys on staff, we flew up for the game. Obviously, honorary Panthers fans for the night."

“Anyone who has been to Seattle to watch the Seahawks, there’s the “12th man” energy that’s kind of crazy to experience in person. We’re sitting in the suite, there’s a whole lot of trash-talking going on between us -- I’m wearing a Cam Newton jersey -- and some fans down below who were Seahawks fans. The game does not go our way, I think around the end of the third quarter (Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor) got an interception and the place is going crazy.”

"This dude right in front of us turns around and flicks us off in the suite. In the spur of the moment, food started flying. People behind us started throwing grapes and stuff and the (people in front) started throwing popcorn back at us. I turn around, next thing I know Draymond has a bushel of grapes in his hand. He’s picking one up and throwing it at the guy, just whaling it at him. That’s always the running joke, he was like the pseudo protector of the Curry family. In that moment he’s back there throwing grape bullets.” 

Green has always been vocal about his support and admiration for Stephen Curry. Most recently, he explained why Curry deserves to be in the MVP race, saying that Curry draws a lot of attention from opposing defenses, but is still able to put up ridiculous numbers and help the Warriors win.

Green has always been heralded as a great teammate, who will stand up for his fellow players in the face of opposition scrutiny. 

He and Curry have been playing together without Klay over the last 2 seasons, which has allowed their bond to grow even more. And with Klay coming back, the trio can use their bond to find their chemistry once again.