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Stephen Curry’s Company, SC30inc, Has Reportedly Filed A Trademark For The Phrase “Night Night”

\Stephen Curry

As one of the world's most famous athletes, it is to be expected that one of his signature celebrations would go viral.

Over the past year, Curry's infamous"night night" taunt caught the attention of fans and athletes around the world, who went on to incorporate it into their own celebration mix tape.

The move exploded in no time, and eventually, even Curry himself caught wind of how big the trend became.

"It's the best because some are taking it to new extremes that I didn't even, I would never feel comfortable doing in the league," said Steph. "Alex Morgan was probably my favorite because she had the trophy with her. and hit the night-night. Every time I see it, it makes me crack a smile. It makes me go back to our playoff run and just how powerful sports are as a collective community. Everybody is inspired by what everybody else is doing." 

Now, according to Nick DePaula, Curry's company is taking things a step further by filing an official trademark for the term with hopes of adding it to apparel, footwear, and other products produced by the company.

10 days after the NBA Finals, @SC30inc filed trademark paperwork for the phrase “Night Night” — to be used, as expected, in footwear & apparel. The filing also could extend to as many as 35 product categories, like bedding, glassware, boxing equipment & alcoholic beverages.

Curry is already, obviously, a multi-millionaire, but it doesn't mean he's willing to miss out on the chance to make some serious gains.

With this phrase and celebration tied to Curry specifically, he will sell a lot of merch using the new trademark. It really makes you wonder what other cool trends he might start up in the future.