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Steve Kerr Confronted Marcus Smart Over Stephen Curry’s Rolled Ankle

Steve Kerr Confronted Marcus Smart Over Stephen Curry’s Rolled Ankle

The Golden State Warriors suffered a massive injury setback during their game last night against the Boston Celtics. During the game, Marcus Smart was trying to battle for the ball against Stephen Curry. In a pretty scary moment, Smart's body landed on Curry's ankle while he was moving, which caused Curry to roll his ankle.

Fans were not happy with Marcus Smart's hustle causing an injury, accusing him of playing dirty against Curry. Smart does have a bit of a history of playing rough, so fans accusing him of doing so against Curry isn't all that surprising. But fans weren't the only ones upset with Smart.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr confronted Marcus Smart during the game over his role in Stephen Curry rolling his ankle. The two sides seemed to share some heated words, as Kerr was trying to hold Smart accountable, whereas Smart maintained his innocence over the situation. Kerr and Smart were not seeing eye to eye at all during their interaction.

Curry tried to play on the injured ankle but eventually had to be helped back to the locker room. There is no update on his injury, and the Warriors will have to wait for Curry to be evaluated by the doctors to understand what the prognosis is for his injury. But given how nasty the injury looked, there isn't a lot of optimism towards the evaluation.

Curry has been sensational this season, playing at a really high level. He has played a key role for the Warriors this year, and his performances have been key for the Warriors being one of the highest seeds in the Western Conference. On top of that, the Warriors were just able to get Draymond Green back from injury. So to lose Curry to an injury so quickly after that is not at all ideal.