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Steve Kerr Gives Huge Praise To Stephen Curry After Finals Win: "This Was The Best I’ve Ever Seen From Him In Terms Of His Two-Way Performance.”

\Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry

In the 2022 NBA Finals, Stephen Curry was the star of the show. He was a hero for the Warriors, pouring in points like it was nothing against one of the NBA's top defensive teams.

But for Curry, his dominance was not confined to the offensive end of the floor. He also played some of the best defense of his life as well.

According to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, it was the best he has ever seen Curry play.

"This was the best I've ever seen him in terms of his two-way performance."

Stephen Curry isn't just a good shooter, he's one of the best shooters/scorers the league has ever seen. For the past 10 years, it is Curry who has kept the Warriors at the top of the food chain.

Curry has indisputably become the greatest shooter of all time after crossing Ray Allen on the all-time three-point shooting list. He also finally added a Finals MVP to his list of incredible achievements this season, leading the Warriors to their 4th championship in their current era. And this has earned him the highest praise from his coach Steve Kerr, who spoke about Curry in the same breath as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird (via Sportskeeda).

"This has all been built on him, like most dynasties ... The Lakers were built on Magic Johnson. The Celtics were built on Larry Bird, Bulls on Michael Jordan. There's usually one transcendent star that is the reason for these, whatever you wanna call them, dynasties or runs or whatever. And that's what I shared with him, that he's basically the reason that this has all happened."

It is true that the Warriors only go as far as Curry takes them. His importance to the team is just too much to even calculate.

But finally, after years of criticism, he earned the final accolade that has eluded him for years. Now, there is no denying the impact of this guy's game on the court.