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Steve Kerr On Kevin Durant: "He Reached The Point In His Career Where He Wanted Something Different. Simple As That.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It seems like there's always been a controversial story regarding Kevin Durant since he left the Golden State Warriors. There have been several conflicting reports about what happened there and why he decided to take his talents to the Brooklyn Nets last summer.

Most recently, Ethan Strauss revealed that Durant often complained about how the media treated him compared to Stephen Curry and even Klay Thompson, suggesting that's one of the reasons why he packed his bags and left.

Durant also admitted that he felt like the media was driving them apart and that he felt like he was never going to be a part of the team because they were 'The Warriors and Kevin Durant', something that may have also taken a toll on his desire to stay in the Bay area.

However, Steve Kerr doesn't think his decision had anything to do with any kind of beef between him and the Splash Brothers, claiming he just decided to move on and pursue a new challenge on his career:

“I just think that Kevin accomplished here, everything he set out to. He reached the point in his career where he wanted something different. Simple as that.” Kerr told 95.7 The Game.

The coach admitted that there were some bumps on the road during Durant's stay with the team but played down any narrative that stated they didn't get along just fine:

“Yeah, there were details in there and then some drama and all that but that’s just life,” he concluded.

Durant clearly felt as if the media and fans didn't think highly enough of him to finish his career as a Dub. That doesn't exactly mean he left because of that. It's been clear that he wanted to team up with Kyrie Irving and rule the Eastern Conference to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players in the history of the game.