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Steve Kerr Surprised By Andrew Wiggins' Passing Ability: "It's Easy To Picture Steph And Klay On The Perimeter With Andrew With The Ball In His Hands."

(Fadeaway World)

(Fadeaway World)

Despite having joined the Warriors less than a month ago, there are already questions about Andrew Wiggins' future with the team.

He seems like an ideal fit on the wing next to Curry, Klay, and Draymond, but the word on the street is that the Dubs are looking for someone better. In the same way that they flipped D'Angelo Russell, some are under the belief that Wiggins is just the means to an end.

Steve Kerr, though, seems excited about the team's newest acquisition, and even talked about how he'd play with a fully healthy Warriors roster.

"It's easy to picture Steph and Klay on the perimeter with Andrew with the ball in his hands, and how fun that's going to be."

It is true that Wiggins' passing ability is extremely underrated. Last night, he dropped 22 points and 10 assists as he led the Warriors to a huge upset win over the Nuggets. Is it a glimpse of what is to come?

With the Timberwolves, it seems some aspects of his game weren't able to shine as well as they can now with the Warriors, who play a more team-oriented style of basketball.

It'll be interesting to see how well he fares alongside the best backcourt in the NBA.