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Steve Nash Says Ben Simmons Will Not Be Available For The Brooklyn Nets In The Play-In Tournament

Steve Nash Says Ben Simmons Will Not Be Available For The Brooklyn Nets In The Play-In Tournament

Since the trade between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets, questions have been asked about when Ben Simmons will take the floor for his new team. The initial expectation was that it would happen right away but as time has gone on, Simmons' issues with his back have meant that he is yet to make an appearance this season. 

The Brooklyn Nets have struggled since Harden's departure, and despite Kyrie Irving recently being cleared to play in home games as well as away games, they still find themselves rooted firmly in the play-in spots. The Raptors in 6th are firmly out of reach for Brooklyn although they could realistically still catch up to Cleveland in the 7th seed spot. 

If they do so, it will have to be without help from Simmons though, as he will not be available for the Nets to call upon even in the play-in tournament after their remaining 4 regular-season games. Steve Nash confirmed as much to reporters on Monday, saying that there's still no date set for Simmons to return, despite recent reports that a return in the playoffs could be on the cards

"Nets coach Steve Nash tells reporters today that Ben Simmons will not make his Brooklyn debut in time for the play-in tournament."

Simmons would solve a lot of the issues that are currently facing the Nets, including the lack of playmaking they have been dealing with since the departure of James Harden. His defense would also come in handy for a team that doesn't boast any elite players on that end of the floor. 

Regardless of Simmons being there or not, the Nets should make it out of the play-in without too much trouble. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have both been in good form individually and possess the talent to carry the team into the playoffs by themselves. However, Simmons still not being close to a return does raise some doubts about whether he will play even if the Nets do make it to the playoffs. With no time to get any rhythm, it seems likelier that we will see Ben on the court next season rather than this one.