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The Brooklyn Nets Are Reportedly Operating With The Possibility That Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Will Both Be On The Roster To Start Next Season

NBA Insider Says Kyrie Irving's Fate With The Brooklyn Nets Is Dependent On Kevin Durant: "If Durant Goes, I Don’t See Any Way That The Nets Just Keep Kyrie."

A lot of people have been treating it as a foregone conclusion that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will leave the Brooklyn Nets this offseason, especially since KD requested a trade from the organization. Reports since have linked him to several destinations like Phoenix, Toronto, and Miami. Even Kyrie Irving has been repeatedly linked with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

However, Shams Charania reported on Tuesday that there is no traction on a deal between the Nets and the Lakers on any potential deal for Irving. And that wasn't all, after the Nets acquired TJ Warren earlier in the day, Charania went on to say on the Pat McAfee show that the moves the Nets are making might be happening with the idea that KD and Kyrie will be with the team on opening night next season. 

"The Nets are operating under the possibility Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant could be on the roster opening night, @ShamsCharania tells @PatMcAfeeShow. They will not move KD until 'the price is met'."

The price for Durant seems to be quite steep, which is unsurprising considering that he is under contract for 4 more years. Considering that he also wants to move to a contending team, it's unlikely that any of those will gut their assets entirely in their pursuit of KD. 

This hardline stance from the Nets contradicts earlier reports that the management is simply done with their superstar duo and simply wants to move on from them. If they both come back along with a healthy and engaged Ben Simmons, Brooklyn still has a roster that can compete for the championship. 

The number of assets the Nets will want for KD might be pricing out many interested teams, although a deal can probably still be found. However, if at the end of this entire saga, KD and Kyrie play another season with the team, it remains to be seen how all this drama will impact the dynamic within the organization.