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The Knicks Are In 4th Place In The East And Have The Most Cap Space Next Season: 'This Is What Every Knicks Fan Want Right Now'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The New York Knicks are in a privileged position right now, competing in the Eastern Conference with a young team, getting ready for the future that can hold plenty of great things for Tom Thibodeau and co. 

The New Yorkers are having a very good season this one, surprising propers and strangers with a very good game, led by Julius Randle, Derrick Rose and a group of young players willing to do anything Thibs tells them and execution it almost perfectly. 

They're currently 4th in the Western Conference and that's already great news. Furthermore, one Redditor found out that the Knicks have the most cap space in the NBA next season, which can open the door for two (or maybe three) stars to join them and take this team to the top of the East and probably the entire association. 

"Asirah" pointed out that the Knicks only have $45 million guaranteed in salaries for the 2021/22 season (via HoopsHype), which gives them a big window to spend money to bring the stars that can take this team to the next level. Only Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson and Norvan Pelle are part of their payroll for the next season. 

Frank Ntilikina is still part of the team but he could be leaving his last days as a Knick. It can be the same for Kevin Knox but his situation will be solved in the next couple of days. 

With the NBA cap space being set at $115 million, the Knicks will have almost $70 million to spend, a very attractive number for them and free agents this summer. 

The 2021 free agency will feature big names, including Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul and Lonzo Ball, among others. Moreover, the Knicks were recently linked with high-profile names such as Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan

It seems like things are falling into place for this team to have a very entertaining offseason and keep building a competitive squad that can make even more noise than they've done this season. 

Time will tell how this will play out for the Knickerbockers but right now, the picture looks very promising for them.