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The LeBron Process: LeBron James Handpicks His Superteam, The Team Underperforms, He Has ‘No Help And Deserves Better’, LeBron Carries As The ‘Underdog’

The LeBron Process: LeBron James Handpicks His Superteam, The Team Underperforms, He Has ‘No Help And Deserves Better’, LeBron Carries As The ‘Underdog’

The Los Angeles Lakers have been massively struggling this season. The team that was once tipped to be the favorites to win the NBA championship has failed to show any chemistry together and has been one of the most disappointing teams this NBA season. And one social media page has observed a repeating pattern with this Lakers team.

Instagram page Buckets posted a picture that mentioned the ‘LeBron process’. This process detailed the steps, which starts with LeBron James handpicking his team and ends with LeBron carrying the squad that is dubbed as underdogs by the time the NBA season comes to a close and the NBA playoffs begin.

The LeBron Process

- LeBron handpicks his team

- People say he has a superteam

- The team underperforms

- LeBron has ‘no help’ and ‘deserves better’

- LeBron carries as the ‘underdog’

- Repeat

NBA fans reacted to this post by Buckets, mostly agreeing with what had been said. One comment even said that anyone who was not a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers could see this entire process coming from the moment that it started. Whereas some others defended LeBron and maintained that he actually didn't have any help. Clearly, there is a divide between the fanbases.

Anyone that isn’t a lakers fan saw this coming from a mile away

In between step 3 and 4 right now

We’re at the point where he trades away the guys he recruited. Team gets marginally better and he pushes them to the playoffs. Early round exit

i mean, if u watch the games it really is as if he has no help

3 easy, a crazy talented big 3 who just can’t make it work but i haven’t seen many people saying that “he has no help” just yet

Y’all realize he’s not a general manager right?

Step 3-4

The dude is not good at assembling teams. Pat Riley is

Only casuals thinks this was a superteam lmao

This is why you Lebron fans are unbearable when he wins he did it all himself , when he loses he needs way way more help.

Which step are we really on ?
1- LeHandpicksteam
2- LeSuperteam
3- LeUnderperforms
4- LeNohelp
5- Lecarry
6- LeRepeat

Let me get this straight y’all feel sorry for this guy after he then put multiple teams together and when it’s not working it’s he has no help maybe he chose the wrong help y’all ever think that then when they win y’all give him all the credit

That’s the problem with this post. Step #1 is just false Lebron doesn’t handpick every player to come to LA… he gives them his insight and what he thinks is best but that doesn’t mean he’s the GM😂😂.

Step 3 but the team is not underperforming, they're performing as they are, no more, no less. A .500 team being 16-16 perfectly on the way to 41-41

We’re going to see 2018’s Step 6 and watch the Lakers have a fire sale at the trade deadline.

Russ isn’t the problem sure the turnovers are a problem but it’s largely AD and the bench that are selling them Russ has been good

The fanboys make it 10x worse that’s the problem

This process can be observed in the exemplary social media posts from 4 months apart shared by the same account, which did dub the Lakers a superteam, and then called out the rest of the Lakers for not helping LeBron James and leaving him to carry the team alone in his 19th season.

This is far from the first time this has happened. After the Kyrie Irving trade in 2017, which some fans have speculated LeBron James was trying to achieve in the first place, James got a lot of pieces. But the Cavs were a revolving door for former superstars as LeBron looked for a reliable star.

Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, George Hill, and many other players were in and out of the Cavaliers squad during the 2017-18 season. And while they were considered one of the favorites at the start of the NBA season, the 2018 Cavs were dubbed underdogs towards the end of the season, and LeBron James took them to the 2018 NBA Finals.

Is this what is happening with the Lakers right now? It’s hard to say until the season is over. But the ‘LeBron process’ can be seen right now. LeBron James has claimed that the Lakers aren’t at full strength right now and that they haven’t had enough time with all the players, so maybe he can come good on his promise. But as of now, it isn’t looking good for him.