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LeBron James Explains Why The Lakers Lost To The Suns: "They Are At Full Strength And We're Not."

LeBron James Explains Why The Lakers Lost To The Suns: "They Are At Full Strength And We're Not."

The Los Angeles Lakers just can't seem to get it right. Last week, things were looking good for them, as they were able to win 3 consecutive games for the first time this season. But they've gone in the opposite direction this week, losing 3 consecutive games, with their last loss coming against the Suns. 

LeBron James spoke after the game about the loss to the Suns. He explained that the Lakers did have moments of promise during the game. But in key moments, the Lakers let the Suns take advantage and that led to their loss. But he also emphasized that, unlike the Suns, they are not at full strength, so there is no way of properly comparing the two teams (1:07 mark).

“I thought we had good moments and we didn’t have good moments at times. I thought we had some really good moments in the first half, we had some good moments in the second half as well. When you hit a lull like that, they came on a 7-0 run to start the quarter. Then we get back into the game, and then we allowed them to step away again. Obviously, they are at full strength and we’re not. So it’s hard to see where we are as a team.”

James does have a point, given that the Lakers are missing key players like Anthony Davis as he suffered an MCL injury recently and will be out for at least 4 weeks, something fans are very unhappy about. On top of that, players like Kendrick Nunn have yet to make an appearance this season due to injuries.

But the Lakers' injuries do not mean that they have no superstars. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are still on the court. And Russ was brought for this exact reason, helping the team out and stepping up when one of their two stars is not able to play.

The Lakers need to figure things out fast. At this rate, they are not going to be anywhere close to the NBA championship-caliber team that we expected them to be at the start of the season.