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The Longest Streaks Of Not Losing 3 Games In A Row: Michael Jordan Has 626 Games, 312 More Than Stephen Curry

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan recorded impressive stats during his honored NBA career. The Chicago Bulls legend set a lot of records in 15 years of career. Some were more impressive than others, but there is one the really stands out. 

For eight years, Jordan never lost three matches in a row. He recorded 626 duels without having a three-game losing streak. This number is already impressive, but after learning how far away he is from his closest pursuer, these games reach a different dimension. 

Instagram page Hoopers District shared a graphic of the five players with the longest streaks of not losing three consecutive games, with Jordan at the top. He's followed by Stephen Curry, who recorded 314 games, 312 less than His Airness. 

Kobe Bryant had 306 of these games, and the top 5 is closed by Shaquille O'Neal and Larry Bird with 291 and 284 games, respectively. 

This perfectly sums up how competitive Jordan was (and presumably still is). If you combine Curry and Kobe's game, they still wouldn't surpass what His Airness did. It is really impressive. NBA fans were surprised to know this fact, and some started mocking LeBron James for not being on this list. 

Jordan was on another level. He's one of the fiercest competitors in NBA history. Even though he never chased this record, it's really interesting to know he never lost three games in a row for eight years.