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The Reason Why Denver Fans Booed Carmelo Anthony: "He's A Multi-Millionaire That Chose His Path In Life And Turned His Back On The Fans."

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Saturday night's  Game 1 in Denver was eventful for more than one reason. Damian Lillard and Nikola Jokic battled it out, Jamal Murray was making his presence felt on the sidelines, and Portland walked away with the victory, stealing home-court advantage.

But perhaps the biggest story of the night was the relationship between Nuggets fans and former Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony. At the start of the contest, they booed him pretty heavily, and the basketball legend responded loudly.

After the game, conversations began about why the fans in Denver would even boo Carmelo in the first place. Amid criticism, analysts on the "Denver Nuggets podcast" delivered a candid response on why Melo got so much hate this past weekend.

"Carmelo is one of the best Nuggets to ever where the Jersey. Strong agree. He's also on the other damn team! He's a multi-millionaire that chose his path in life and turned his back [on the fans of Denver]. He didn't want to be here so now he gets booed. That's sort of how sports work."

It's definitely understandable why Nuggets fans still harbor some ill feelings towards Melo. He up and left them in the prime of his career, demanding a trade to the Knicks that set Denver basketball back years.

But if they're going to boo, they should be willing to deal with the consequences... which will likely include a very ticked-off Carmelo.