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The Reason Why LeBron James Wanted To Fight Mario Chalmers

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

During LeBron James days in the Miami Heat, he had a complex relationship with starting point guard Mario Chalmers and they starred in some controversies during their time together in South Beach. One of the altercations between them almost went physical but their teammates prevented things from being more serious.

Chalmers has spoken about his time in Miami and during an interview with Chris Wittyngham and Ethan Skolnick for Five Reasons Sports Network, Chalmers discussed the time he triggered LeBron James by calling him a 'b--ch,' one word that does not please the King. During a game, Chalmers wasn't liking the way Bron was playing and told him “stop playing like a bitch”. Of course, that sparked something inside the 3x NBA champion who went face to face with his teammate.

"I felt like he was complaining a lot about what was going on and I was like 'yo, you're the star player of the team, stop acting like a bitch and start playing basketball," Chalmers said. "Anybody that knows Bron, knows the word 'bitch', he doesn't like it. (...) If you wanna get in LeBron's head, use the word 'b--ch' and that's what happened. It was bad and he understood what I was saying, it was not only about me, it was about everybody. He understood what I was saying, that he was wrong. At the end of the day, it was nothing really but that's the conversation we had and I was benched that game."

Chalmers often had heated exchanges with the Big 3, especially Wade and LeBron, but this time he asked for it. Maybe he was right or wrong but he was tired of seeing LeBron complaining about everything and expressed what he believed the rest of the team felt at that moment. Well, Bron didn't like his comments and things escalated really quickly between the teammates.

If you want to get inside Bron's head, Chalmers gave you the key two years ago.