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Carmelo Anthony Has Moved Up To 15th On All-Time Scoring List

Carmelo Anthony Has Moved Up To 15th On All-Time Scoring List

The NBA bubble has been terrific for Carmelo Anthony. The future Hall of Famer is playing great basketball and keeps breaking records every time he steps on the court. On Sunday night, Melo surpassed John Havlicek and Paul Pierce to sit 15th on the all-time scoring list with 26,403 points.

Now, Melo will try to surpass San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan, who scored 26,496 points during his successful career. Anthony has been one of the best scorers of our times, he's been consistent, scoring more than 20 points per game during each of his first 14 seasons in the NBA. If he keeps his current pace, the 36-year-old could finish next season as the 10th best scorer of all time.

One Reddit user explained how Melo could reach another milestone in his career next year.

He currently has 12 points at halftime so let's assume he finishes with 24 today (26415). Portland have two regular season games left and Melo is averaging 15 PPG so let's add 30 to his tally (26445).Assuming he enters next season on 26445 points he would need to score 869 points to pass Hayes in 10th spot all-time.He could reach this by:Playing all 82 games and averaging 10.6 points per game.Playing 50 games and averaging 17.4 points per game.Playing 60 games and averaging 14.5 points per game.Playing 70 games and averaging 12.4 points per game.

This is a great time for Melo, who has been very important for his Portland Trail Blazers, the team that gave him a new chance in the NBA. If you look for a word to describe him in the bubble, that is 'clutch'. The former New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets star is doing impressive things this season, increasing his legacy this campaign. His friends and colleagues congratulated Melo, explaining how much he deserves this recognition.

Anthony is doing everything to get another chance in the league next year. He was forgotten at some point and now is doing his thing once again. You have to give some credit to the player.