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The Warriors Have Held Their Opponents To Under 50% Shooting In Each Game This Season

The Warriors Have Held Their Opponents To Under 50% Shooting In Each Game This Season

The Golden State Warriors continue their spectacular season, with their latest win coming at the expense of the LA Clippers. Playing at the Staples Center, the Warriors handily defeated the Clippers and expanded their record to 18-2, the best in the NBA right now.

The Warriors have been spectacular this season, on both ends of the court. In fact, one fan on Twitter pointed out that the Warriors have held their opponents to under 50% shooting in each of their games, all while scoring at least 100 points in each of these games.

As things stand, the Warriors have the second-best offensive rating in the league and the best defensive rating.

Warriors fans will love reading this news, given how well their team has been playing. And Klay Thompson, one of the team's best defenders, has still not returned from injury. If things go right and Klay plays the same way he did before the injury when he returns on Christmas, the Warriors' title chances will go up significantly. 

The Warriors have one of the best defenders in the NBA in Draymond Green. And Green seems more motivated than ever on the defensive end of the court, saying that good defense does not go viral in the NBA community the way good offense does. So clearly, Green is defending his expertise and the skill he is most renowned for.

On top of that, the Warriors' young players like Jordan Poole and Gary Payton Jr. have been spectacular on the defensive end. And Steph Curry has been carrying his own on the defensive side of things. In fact, Draymond Green called Curry one of the Warriors' best defenders.

If the Warriors can continue performing at this level, then they will be the favorites to win the NBA championship. They've convinced fans that they have recovered from the slump they suffered over the last 2 seasons, and are back in the running to extend the dynasty.