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Draymond Green On Stephen Curry: "He's One Of The Best Defenders On Our Team."

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The Golden State Warriors have been one of the best defensive teams in the league this year. They have some elite defenders on the roster, and most people know about what Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins can do on that end. However, the Golden State Warriors do have some other underrated defenders on their roster.

One of those underrated defenders is Stephen Curry. While he is more known for his offensive prowess rather than his defensive skills, he is no slouch on that end. He's even led the league in steals during the 2015-16 season. Stephen Curry previously stated that he doesn't play defense half the time, that has been far from the case this season.

Draymond Green has recently lauded Stephen Curry for his defense, saying that he's one of the best defenders on the Warriors currently. Green even claimed his effort on that end has been "constant forever".

No-one talks about Steph's defense. The one thing that has been constant forever is his effort. He's never not giving effort on that side of the ball. I think he used to reach a lot... You just see him continue to take steps. Now? He's one of the best defenders we have on our team now. It's beautiful to watch. When he's giving the type of effort that he gives on that side of the floor, everyone else has to follow.

There is no doubt that many underrated Stephen Curry's defense due to his size. While that obviously limits his individual defense, he is great within a team setting. His quick hands and reaction speed often lets him rip opposing ballhandlers.

Draymond Green mentioned "everyone else has to follow" Curry's lead when he's putting in that effort on the defensive end. His leadership by example is certainly a reason even if it's a minor one, for the Warriors being good on the defensive end this year. The Warriors will hope that this stretch of good defensive play continues for the rest of the season.