Tim Duncan Responds To Gregg Popovich's 'Next Guy Who Misses A Free Throw Is Gonna Buy Me A New Car': "What Color Do You Want?"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gregg Popovich is arguably the greatest NBA coach of all time. He's done plenty of incredible teams with the San Antonio Spurs, taking that team to be one of the biggest winners in league history. 

He is always thinking outside of the box, sometimes taking things a little too far. One of the funniest moments in Pop's career came a couple of years ago when the Spurs were perennial title contenders. During a bad game where nobody was making free throws, Popovich gave his team an unforgettable ultimatum. 

"Next guy who misses a free throw is gonna buy me a new car," Pop said on the bench. 

Little he knew that one player was willing to do it and even asked him for details about this car. 

"What color do you want," Tim Duncan, who was having a rough night at the line, replied to the coach. 

According to Hoops.Plug, that really worked for Pop, as no other player missed a free throw for the rest of the game.

Things like this make Pop a legend. He's one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, and many people consider him the greatest of all time. The things he does on and off the court only confirm that. 

His motivation methods are always curious, but they're always effective.