Tim Duncan Was 'Super Excited' When Derrick Rose Called Him In A Footlocker Commercial: 'No Way. That's Insane. I'm Bouncing Off The Wall. I Just Knocked Over A Plant Celebrating.'

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Tim Duncan's chill and quiet personality earned him a lot of love and admiration among NBA fans. The San Antonio Spurs legend took that in his favor, becoming a silent killer on the court. 

Off the hardwoods, though, TD always tried to make people smile, and even when he didn't, his personality did the job for him. Foot Locker took advantage of that in an old commercial featuring the Hall of Famer and Derrick Rose. 

Announcing the 'Week of Greatness,' the then Chicago Bulls player called Duncan to tell him the good news. The big man acted like a pro and showed his excitement with this legendary week.

"No way. That's insane. I'm bouncing off the wall. I can't contain myself. I just knocked over a plant celebrating," Duncan said with a straight face while Rose explained he never got that excited. 

It was all a parody of Tim and his relaxed personality. Added to his game, Duncan was known for that. He never got into it with anybody, and even during the Spurs' most heated rival, he kept it classy. 

This was a terrific idea for Foot Locker. They've made other legendary commercials with more NBA legends, but this must be one of the best.