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Tom Brady Challenges LeBron James To Ice Hockey Shootout In A Battle Of The GOATs

Tom Brady Challenges LeBron James To Ice Hockey Shootout In A Battle Of The GOATs

Tom Brady and LeBron James stand tall over all the contemporary athletes they have faced as the best in their sport for the last two decades. While Brady may have a stronger case for being the greatest NFL player ever compared to LeBron with basketball, they have both defined excellence in their sports.

The question of which one of them is the better athlete overall is something that will always be asked and never be settled. LeBron played a more physically intensive role as a leader on a basketball team, while Brady is a quarterback who can afford to play into his mid-forties. 

To settle this debate, the pair probably need to meet in a neutral sport. While LeBron was doing a Q/A session on Twitter, Brady hopped in and asked LBJ about which one of them would win a five-shot ice hockey shootout.

The pair were having an innocent conversation as friends, but many fans of both players have taken it to be an actual challenge. With the interest they have accidentally created, how many people would actually pay to watch a celebrity ice hockey shootout between LeBron James and Tom Brady?

We have seen former NFL and NBA players try their hand at celebrity boxing, maybe celebrity ice hockey is a viable and less dangerous route to go down. Chris Paul hosts a celebrity bowling tournament that has been aired on ESPN, so some network could definitely make something work to get two North American sports icons in this sort of a setup.

With both men still playing in their respective sports, these partnerships may still be a few years off. But if James and Brady were to start competing in certain aspects of other sports for fun, it would be an extremely delightful and hilarious thing to watch.