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Toni Kukoc: 'Michael Jordan Is The Best Player Ever, But Jerry Krause Built The Six-Time Champions, You Have To Give Him Credit.'

Michael Jordan And Jerry Reinsdorf Will Present And Induct Toni Kukoc Into 2021 Hall Of Fame

Credit: Getty Images

Former Chicago Bulls member Toni Kukoc has reflected on 'The Last Dance' documentary and how the people in charge of the film has presented Jerry Krause, the former Bulls general manager who brought Kukoc to the NBA after a couple of years winning everything in Europe.

During an interview with Zach Lowe of ESPN, Kukoc reflected on how Krause was portrayed in the docuseries, stating he wishes the executive was still alive to defend himself from the accusations.

"I wish Jerry were here to say his part of the story," Kukoc said. "It's easy to like Michael and Scottie and Dennis and Phil, and I like them all. I love them. Scottie was the ultimate team player. Michael will always, to me, be the best player ever. He changed the game. He made it global. Every player today should tip their hat to him. But you have to hear the other side. Jerry built the six-time champions. You have to give him credit."

Krause lusted after Kukoc, and selected him in the second round in 1990. Kukoc did not sign with the Bulls until 1993, fearing he would waste prime years on the bench. He was also making more money in Europe. "I was indecisive if I should come," Kukoc said.

Kukoc was a great deal in Europe; he was great in the old continent, collecting individual and collective awards, which made Krause chase him until he finally decided to go play in the NBA. There is a lot to say about this situation and how things went down with the Bulls in 1998, but for Kukoc, Krause wasn't as bad as the documentary makes him look.