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Tracy McGrady Is Starting 1-On-1 Basketball League: "Just Like UFC Fighting."

Tracy McGrady

With the success of the BIG3 league, it should be no surprise that alternate forms of basketball are starting to receive more interest.

Former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady became the latest to get in on the trend after announcing the start-up of his own  1-on-1 league.

(via Complex)

With his 1-on-1 basketball league, the Ones Basketball Association, set to launch April 30, former NBA legend Tracy McGrady sat down with BroBible to discuss his plan to find the “baddest” basketball player on the planet.

McGrady, who’s a father of two sons, revealed that he got the idea for the OBA after noticing that young NBA fans have trouble sitting through three-hour basketball games.

“I have two sons of my own, and then I run an AAU program. My boys don’t watch NBA games, my boys don’t watch college basketball, and even the guys in my program can’t sit down and watch two and a half, three hours of basketball,” McGrady said.

“But what they can do is short form like Youtube and highlights and stuff like that, they gravitate towards, so why not create something that’s short, entertaining, and what they can resonate with, because they play one-on-one basketball all the time,” he added.

1-on-1 play during the All-Star game has been pitched for years by NBA fans. The thought of two pro players going at each other is highly enticing, intriguing, and refreshingly different than the norm.

While the NBA has so far resisted adding a 1-on-1 tournament, fans will be able to get their fix watching the OBA.

McGrady, 42, played for 16 years in the NBA, where he became a top star. After retiring in 2012, he dabbled in a number of different projects before ultimately committing to launch the Ones Basketball Association.

Already, excitement and hype are through the roof.