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Tracy McGrady Tells The Story Of When Kobe Bryant Convinced Him To Ride On A Roller Coaster: "Man, I Wanted To Choke The Sh*t Outta Kobe."

tmac kobe

Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady were big rivals on the court but also good friends off it. The Los Angeles Lakers icon and the Orlando Magic figure went at it more than once, delighting players with their duels. 

They lived a lot of intense moments together, but if you ask T-Mac about the most intense of all, he will talk about something that has nothing to do with basketball. Talking with former player and business partner Jermaine O'Neal, McGrady recalled one time he was with Kobe in Paris. The SG convinced him to ride on a roller coaster. 

“Kobe had me so mad one time, we were at Disney World, in Paris. I just finished eating. He wanted to get on a rollercoaster. I don't want to get on a roller coaster, I don't like rollercoasters. This man kept begging me to get on this roller coaster... Bruh, I got on there and man, I wanted to choke the sh*t outta Kob after we got out there! I was so sick bro, I was done for the whole day!”

Kobe was a total character. We can only imagine T-Mac getting off that roller coaster thinking all kinds of things about the 5x NBA champion. They were huge competitors and always went at it when they faced each other. This time, though, you can say Kobe had the last laugh. 

The respect between them was huge; they picked one another as their biggest rivals on the court. This perfectly sums up how important they were for each other's careers.