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Travis Kelce Says LeBron James Would Have Been "A Problem" In The NFL

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LeBron James throwing football

In terms of athleticism, there are few players in the history of basketball that could rival LeBron James. While his athleticism is not the only cause of his success, there's no doubt that his athleticism has stood out to many fans over the course of his career. Even currently, LeBron James is extremely athletic despite being 36 a fairly old age in NBA terms.

Many NBA players were multi-sport athletes, and LeBron James was one of them. James was a football player in high school, and there has been a lot of talk about how LeBron James would do in the NFL, as the Lakers star revealed that he got contract offers from the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys in 2011.

NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith has notably expressed his opinion that LeBron James wouldn't last a year in the NFL. However, not everyone shares that viewpoint. When speaking to TMZ Sports, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed his belief that LeBron James "would have been a problem" if he were to play football, especially if he were to play the tight end position like himself.

I think LeBron is one of the greatest athletes in the world. his athleticism, how knowledgeable he is about the game of basketball, he gets right down to the scheme of things. And that’s a lot about being a football player, understanding schemes, letting your athleticism show.

I think LeBron James would’ve been a problem in the NFL, no doubt. Especially in the tight end room. That’s us Northeast Ohio guys, man. We’re all around athletes. You can throw us in any sport, we’ll have success.

While LeBron James may not have found the same level of success in the NFL as he did in the NBA, it definitely seems as though some believe James could have done fine had he chosen football instead of basketball. Travis Kelce is a Superbowl champion and a multiple-time All-Pro selection, so he certainly has a lot of experience when talking about this topic. Others think highly of how LeBron James would have done in football as well, with legendary quarterback Peyton Manning claiming he'd throw "75 touchdowns" with LeBron James out wide.

We won't ever get to see LeBron James in the NFL, though the idea is certainly fun to think about. As Travis Kelce said, LeBron James is "one of the greatest athletes in the world", and with his physical gifts, he'd certainly find success in a lot of sports.