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Tyler Herro: "Some People Are Sleeping On Me. I'm Going To Wake A Lot Of People Up."

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Tyler Herro On Whether He Is Trying To Be Sixth Man Of The Year: “Can’t Say Too Much. Otherwise I’ll Be On ESPN In The Morning.”

Tyler Herro's rookie year was certainly a good one, as the young shooting guard averaged 16.0 PPG in the playoffs for the Miami Heat while helping them get to the Finals. He flashed signs of shot creation and solid shooting, and many were certainly high on his potential.

When it comes to his sophomore season, Herro was inconsistent at times. While he increased his PPG, he was relegated to a bench role during the course of the season. His playoff run was far from spectacular either, as he only averaged 9.3 PPG on 31.6% from the field. 

While many have criticized Tyler Herro for his performances, we have to remember that Herro will only be going into his 3rd year in the league during the 2021-22 season. He can certainly improve, as a lot of young players do once they get a few seasons under their belt.

Tyler Herro himself has remained confident in his abilities, even through the outside noise. When speaking to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Herro stated that while "some people are sleeping" on him, he was "going to wake a lot of people up" next season.

Confidence is key to succeeding in the NBA, and it looks as though Herro certainly knows that. If he improves, he can certainly be a big contributor to the Miami Heat's championship push next season. Pat Riley once called Herro a "core player" for the Miami Heat, so he certainly has some believers in the franchise.

We'll see how the Miami Heat do next season, but with the addition of a 6-time All-Star in Kyle Lowry, it seems as though they're ready to win the title. They got to the Finals in 2020, and Herro was crucial in them being able to do that. Hopefully, he can replicate some of his performances next season, and perhaps we'll end up seeing the Miami Heat win it all.