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Tyrese Maxey Lauds LeBron James, Serena Williams, And Tom Brady For Their Longevity: "What Is In The Water Bron, Serena, And TB12 Drinking..."


Longevity is an important aspect and factor when it comes to evaluating all-time athletes in any sport. The ability to maintain one's greatness is important, as it shows that someone can be a winning player over a period of time rather than having a short peak and a worse overall career.

There are a lot of legends playing professional sports currently that have elite longevity. Tom Brady is still a good quarterback in the NFL, Serena Williams has recently moved on to the third round of the 2022 US Open after upsetting her opponent, while LeBron James is still a superstar in the NBA. We are witnessing greatness all around.

Tyrese Maxey Lauded LeBron James, Serena Williams, And Tom Brady For Their Longevity

Recently, Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey offered some praise for LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Tom Brady and their longevity. He jokingly asked about what is "in the water" that those three athletes are drinking, and it's clear that Maxey is amazed at what those legendary stars have been able to accomplish.

What is in the water Bron, Serena, and TB12 drinking!? At this point I’m just curious!

There is no doubt that those athletes have had long and productive careers and will retire as legends of their respective sports. Most NBA fans know that LeBron James' longevity in the sport is absolutely unprecedented. Once, former player Eddie Johnson pointed out that players such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were "no longer relevant" by the time they were LeBron James' age, and noted that this "lets you know how great" James actually is.

It’s amazing how LeBron at almost 37 is still being ripped for struggling, when he has an AD in his prime and not living up to expectations. Magic, Bird, Duncan, Hakeem, and Jordan were no longer relevant at 37. That lets you know how great LBJ is. “Keep it moving."

Hopefully, we see LeBron James have another good year with the Los Angeles Lakers next year. While the team missed out on the playoffs this past season, they have revamped their roster, and perhaps that will lead to a different outcome for the next year.

As for Tyrese Maxey, he will likely be focused on trying to win a championship with the Philadelphia 76ers. Many expect him to become the third star of the franchise behind James Harden and Joel Embiid, and he definitely has the talent to do so.