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Tyronn Lue Explains The Biggest Similarities Between Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan: “Their Will To Win. I Think Just Their Competitive Nature And Their Will To Win And Them Just Bringing It Every Single Day In Practice."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were very similar in their style of play and mentalities. Both players were always trying to get better, always trying to find ways to beat their opponents and whoever stepped in front of them suffered the consequences.

Kobe modeled his game after MJ and they became really close over the years, creating a big brother little brother relationship that lasted until Kobe's last day in this world. It's been almost one year after Kobe lost his life in a fatal helicopter crash and everybody is remembering him and all the things he did. Current Los Angeles Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue has explained the biggest similarities between MJ and Bryant.

Lue played with both players and he can easily explain why Kobe and Jordan were so similar on and off the court (1:40 mark).

“Their will to win. I think just their competitive nature and their will to win and them just bringing it every single day in practice. They practiced hard than they played in the games most of the time. And like I said, I asked Kobe, sorry Tayshawn and Ron Harper asked him. Why are you going so hard in practice? They said, well, practice is harder because if I practice hard, then the games are easier.

“So that was their approach, especially MJs when I played with him at 40, 41 years old. Never wanted to take days off from practice, even though Doug Collins tried to make him. But he would never do it and Kobe was the same way.”

Jordan and Bryant faced each other a lot and they left very good memories to fans in their duels. Kobe marked everybody who played with and against him and MJ showed that in his memorial day last year. These two were very fun to watch and they inspired a lot of people. Unfortunately, Kobe isn't with us anymore, but his memory will live forever.