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Udonis Haslem Says NBA Superstars Ask Him For Advice Because They Value His Opinion

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Though Udonis Haslem may not get many minutes on the court anymore for the Miami Heat, there's no doubt he's a legendary figure for the franchise. Udonis Haslem is the longest-tenured player on the roster, and he means a lot to the team's culture.

Pat Riley has already claimed that the Miami Heat will retire Udonis Haslem's number in the future once he retires. While it is clear that he was never a star-level player, Udonis Haslem was an extremely important player in the team's history, and his jersey retirement is well-deserved.

Udonis Haslem Says Players Across The NBA Come To Him For Guidance

Obviously, the Miami Heat value Udonis Haslem as a championship-winning veteran, and his experience is clearly a valuable asset. It seems as though the respect for Haslem also extends across the league, not just the Miami Heat franchise.

When speaking to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, Udonis Haslem revealed that "all kinds of guys" in the league come to him for his advice, with some "superstars from other teams" being among them. 

“I have all kinds of guys from other teams, including some superstars from other teams, reaching out and asking for advice because they value my advice and they value my opinion and I trust that. Oftentimes, there’s a breakdown in trust when it comes to ownership and players. There’s never going to be that in this situation or any situation that involves me.”

It makes sense for players to seek the advice and guidance of a player that has had a lengthy career and has seen a lot of basketball played. Haslem is definitely the sort of personality that can offer practical and honest advice to any player.

Next season will be Udonis Haslem's last, and it will mark the end of a stellar career that featured 3 championships with the franchise. He was a key role player for the Miami Heat during their title runs, and his contributions won't be forgotten by the fans and the team itself.

As of right now, Udonis Haslem is likely preparing for another contending season with the Miami Heat. They were within one game of making the NBA Finals, and the Heat will also be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference next year. Hopefully, we see them get over the hump in the future and potentially get to the NBA Finals and win a championship.