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Utah Jazz GM Justin Zanik Had An Interesting Response When Asked If Donovan Mitchell Was Untouchable: "Change Is Inevitable In The NBA"

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell has been the main man for the Utah Jazz ever since he came into the league in 2017. Mitchell shocked many by how good he was on the offensive end from the get-go, averaging over 20 points per game as a rookie, and he has never averaged under 20 in any of his 5 seasons in the league.

He has managed to up his game in the postseason as well and is one of the few players who can boast a better scoring average in the playoffs (28.3) than in the regular season (23.9). No one will ever be able to forget his epic duels with Jamal Murray in the 2020 playoffs, where Donovan averaged 36.3 points per game against the Nuggets while shooting over 50% from the field and three.

Despite Mitchell's heroics, the team has constantly fallen short in the playoffs, with the latest disappointment being a first-round exit at the hands of the Mavericks. That led to the Jazz trading away 3-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, and many wondered if Mitchell would want out, as the team seemed headed to a rebuild. Brian Windhorst, however, reported that Mitchell won't force his way out, but by the looks of it, the Jazz would be willing to part with him if they get the right offer.

Giving that kind of response makes it very clear that they would entertain the possibility. You have to wonder how long Donovan would be happy in Utah, too, considering what they got back for Gobert was mostly draft picks and some rotation players headlined by Patrick Beverley. Those picks aren't going to help them next season, and the Jazz might be in for a rough 2022-23, which could lead to him wanting out.

The Knicks have long been thought to be interested in Mitchell, and considering these comments, we might possibly see him don that jersey not that far into the future.