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Video: Draymond Green And Grant Williams Get Into Verbal Altercation And Have To Be Separated

Video: Draymond Green And Grant Williams Get Into Verbal Altercation And Have To Be Separated

Grant Williams and Draymond Green have had their fair share of exchanges during the ongoing NBA Finals series between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Game 3 is underway, and the Celtics look to be running away with a big lead in the second quarter, with the score sitting 39-56 in Boston's favor after 6 minutes.

At the start of the second quarter, with less than three minutes passing, Draymond and Williams got into an altercation. Green was overly celebrating a call when Williams bumped shoulders with him and continued doing so while lifting his arms up to show he was not pulling Green. 

The Warriors forward responded with a little shove to his Celtics counterpart, which resulted in the pair needing to be separated. Draymond continued clapping at Grant after the pair were separated, giving the viewers home a look into the competitive fire in both players and teams.

Green and Williams have been instigating each other all series long. It all started with Williams revealing that Draymond used to be his favorite player on the 2015 Warriors and how he modeled his game after him. Naturally, this was fuel Green used on the court against Grant. The three-time champ later admitted he felt honored when Williams said that about him. 

There is a lot of respect between these players, considering their interactions off the court. However, they seem to be playing like bitter rivals on the court. They are stepping up for their team and will do whatever it takes to ensure they can walk out of this game with a win. 

Game 3 is swinging Boston's way right now, but we all know how dangerous the Warriors can be in the second half of a game. Williams already has given the Celtics a few scoring contributions, but Draymond has had a slow start. It will be interesting to see whether the Warriors have it in them to steal a game at the TD Garden.