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Video: Glen Davis Got Kicked Out Of Another Fan's Seat During Nets-Celtics Game

Video: Glen Davis Got Kicked Out Of Another Fan's Seat During Celtics-Nets Game

Glen Davis was a role player that is mostly recognized for being part of the 2008 Boston Celtics championship team. He was well-known for being an enforcer who was adept at rebounding and physical play.

Today though, Glen Davis caught attention for a different reason. During the recent Nets-Celtics game, the NBA champion got kicked out of another fan's seat during the game.

Sometimes, there are people who elect to move away from their original seat during basketball games due to there being space elsewhere in a more desirable position in the arena. However, it seems as though that did not work out for Glen Davis, as the fan whose seat he was in originally was obviously present during the game.

Tonight's Celtics-Nets matchups featured the return of Kyrie Irving to the TD Garden, and there's no doubt that Kyrie Irving is not a popular figure among Boston Celtics fans. Notably, there was an incident where he stepped on the Boston Celtics logo after the game last season, which many people viewed as disrespectful. Glen Davis was one of the people who were upset about the incident, even claiming that Kyrie Irving's ankle injury that season was due to "karma".

Everybody mad at me cause Kyrie Irving stepped on Lucky, and Lucky got his get back... Karma is a motherf***er... I don't even care if it's the logo... it means something to me... That's disrespect. I played for the Celtics, I'm a Celtic forever... Stop getting mad cause your man got weak ankles.

The Brooklyn Nets ended up losing today, and there's no question that Boston Celtics fans likely found that win satisfying, as they beat Kyrie Irving's team. The Celtics have been surging as of late, and this win was definitely an important one for the team.

The Boston Celtics look like they could potentially be a serious team to face in the playoffs, and some have even categorized them as a potential Finals team. The Celtics have clearly bounced back after a slow start and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown clearly have the team firing on all cylinders.