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Video: Kawhi Leonard Daps Up Jerry Rice At 49ers Game Against Seahawks

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Jerry Rice is one of the most legendary wide receivers to have ever played in the NFL, and some consider him the best ever. He won three SuperBowls with the San Francisco 49ers, and there's no doubt that fans in the Bay area consider him a sports legend.

A lot of players do end up supporting their former teams once they retire, and Jerry Rice was at the San Francisco 49ers' recent game against the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers ended up winning 27-7, and it's likely that Jerry Rice was happy with the outcome of the game.

Kawhi Leonard Was Hyped To See Jerry Rice

There is no doubt that we often see fans try to talk to former and current professional athletes at sports games. This time though, Jerry Rice was greeted by another legendary player, but from another sport.

Some videos of Kawhi Leonard have recently made it onto Twitter, with the star being on the sidelines during the 49ers warmups. The star notably greeted Jerry Rice prior to the beginning of the game, and it's clear that he was happy to see the 49ers legend.

It is good to see that Kawhi Leonard is enjoying the rest of his off-season. He did not play at all during the 2021-22 season, as he was rehabbing from an ACL injury. However, Kawhi Leonard should be back fully healthy during the 2022-23 season. A Los Angeles Clippers insider previously reported that Kawhi Leonard is "physically ready" for the season and has no "mental angst" after his ACL injury.

I was able to update Leonard’s status before the NBA Draft last month, and Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank, affirmed Leonard’s positive progress the night of the draft. Everyone who has been around Leonard this offseason, both with the team and outside the team, have suggested that Leonard is physically ready for next season and is not carrying any mental angst that comes with a return from an ACL surgery.

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Clippers' contending hopes hinge on Kawhi Leonard being healthy and playing at an MVP level in the playoffs. While he frequently load-manages during the regular season, we know that Kawhi Leonard thrives when the lights shine the brightest in the playoffs.

Hopefully, we see Kawhi Leonard bounce back well and show that he is still a top-tier superstar in the game. There is no questioning his talent, and the only concerns about Kawhi Leonard should revolve around his availability and injury history.