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Video: Kevin Durant Was Not Happy When Losing To Jayson Tatum And The Celtics

kevin durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league, and he's well-known as a player that has won multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors. He is a player that is a proven winner. 

While Kevin Durant has performed well on an individual level during the time he's been on the court this season. They are the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference with a 32-33 record, and they have lost 6 of their last 7 games.

During the recent Nets-Celtics matchup, Kevin Durant was spotted looking unhappy during the loss, shaking his head as Jayson Tatum was shooting free throws to seal the game.

It makes sense that Kevin Durant would be upset at the Brooklyn Nets' recent performance. This is a team that was slated to be a championship contender at the start of the season, rather than a play-in tier team. Of course, there were non-basketball circumstances that led to the Nets' current positioning in the standings. Kyrie Irving hasn't been able to play home games for the team thus far, and Kevin Durant has missed ample time with injury himself.

With that being said, the Brooklyn Nets still have time to turn things around. They are a talented team when healthy. Ben Simmons has not yet played for the team, but there is optimism that the defensive-minded star will return by the time the playoffs roll around. 

Hopefully, we see the Brooklyn Nets improve in the future. It would be a shame to see Kevin Durant miss the playoffs, as he is a must-watch player when it is in a postseason setting. Perhaps we'll see the Brooklyn Nets go on a winning run in the coming weeks, and a team with Kevin Durant should never be counted out, even if it's struggling for a period of time.