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Video: Klay Thompson Seen Celebrating Massive Hit By Brother, Trayce Thompson

Video: Klay Thompson Seen Celebrating Massive Hit By Brother, Trayce Thompson

Klay Thompson has had a fantastic summer so far and is definitely having the best time we have seen him have in a couple of seasons. Considering the last few offseasons for Klay have been all about rehab and healing from his ACL and Achilles injuries, this summer is one where he is coming off a championship win, and that must feel great. 

A few days after his teammate Stephen Curry hosted the ESPYS with Draymond Green in attendance, Thompson decided to have fun by showing up for his family. Klay was in attendance for the LA Dodgers game against the San Francisco Giants to root for his brother, Trayce Thompson.

The Dodgers were hosting the San Francisco Giants post-All-Star break. The score was tied 4-4, headed into the bottom of the seventh. However, the LA Dodgers started to add some points on the board with some big hits. Klay's brother, Trayce, continued scoring runs with a double, making the score 7-4 for the home team. Nobody was more pumped for this than Klay.

Klay looks overjoyed for his younger brother, who has had his own comeback story in his 7-year-long MLB career. Trayce has never been one of the top players in the league like his brother in the NBA. Despite being drafted in 2009, Trayce didn't play in the league till 2015. After he made the league, he had injury issues that kept derailing his progress.

He was out of the league after 2018 and had to play in the minor leagues for the last couple of seasons. However, he has gotten a chance to play in the MLB with the Dodgers once again and is trying to deliver some success as he reaches the latter half of his career.

Klay is there to support his brother, as all good families do. Watching his brother make a hit like this in an MLB game must have been nice, considering everything Trayce has been through to keep his dream alive.