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Video: Stephen Curry Shares Valuable Shooting Advice With Kids At His Camp

Video: Stephen Curry Shares Valuable Shooting Advice With Kids At His Camp

If you want to be good at something, the first step is obviously to work very hard at it, and the next would naturally be to get advice from someone who is already great at doing it. So, if you want to be a good shooter, what better place to get some advice than at Stephen Curry's camp?

Curry Camp 2022 returned after a 2-year break due to COVID-19, and it is being held at the San Francisco Olympic Club this week. 26 elite high school players, evenly split between boys and girls for the first time ever at his camp, will be taking part, and Curry spoke about mentoring high school women athletes in an interview recently. Those in attendance definitely got what they paid for, as Steph shared some pearls of wisdom on shooting off the dribble.

That's an experience of a lifetime right there for those youngsters to have Curry personally show you how to get it done. While none of them have much of a chance of being on par with Steph as a shooter, learning the right approach to it can be valuable as they hope to one day make it to the professional level. Also at the camp to help out was his personal trainer Brandon Payne as well as Kent Bazemore and Curry's coach during his time at Davidson, Bob McKillop.

The camp continues what has been a very busy offseason for Curry, and he doesn't show any signs of stopping yet. He was at a celebrity golf tournament previously in the offseason and was the host of the ESPYs this year as well. The reigning Finals MVP is keeping himself busy as opposed to those who are taking some time off to recharge their batteries, and we are sure these kids don't mind that one bit!