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Video: Suns Fans Burn Chris Paul's Jersey After Disappointing Loss

Chris Paul

Sunday's Game 7 wasn't a typical loss for the Phoenix Suns. From the opening tip, they were embarrassed and outclassed by Luka Doncic and the Mavericks, who won by 43 points.

Frustrated Suns fans lamented their team after the game, but some took things even further. On Twitter, a video is going viral that shows Suns fans burning a Chris Paul jersey after Game 7. Paul finished with just 10 points the night.

It's understandable why Suns fans are so upset. They made a run to the Finals last year and finished this season with the best record in the NBA. To finish out such a strong run with a 40-point blowout loss to the Mavs in Game 7 isn't how anyone imagined it would go — except for people like Shaquille O'Neal, who saw it coming back in February:

"They ain't got nobody that scares you," Shaq said on the Big Podcast. "Listen, Phoenix is like Utah to me. Got a lot of good players, but some of those players can be punked now, Michelle, I'm just saying."

Whether or not they return with the same roster next season, Chris Paul is sticking around for another attempt:

"They said that last year," said Paul, addressing those who say he blew his best chance to win. "They probably said it back in '08. Every time you lose, they're gonna say it's your best chance... but we'll be back next year. I ain't retiring tomorrow, thank God."

The Suns have their work cut out for them. With so many talented and beloved players, management may have to make some tough choices about their future if they want to avoid another series like this.

If not, Suns fans will revolt just like they're doing now. After so many years of subpar play, they are hungry for a title and the team has failed to deliver.