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Vince Carter On The GOAT Debate: 'I Mean, I Still Have To Give It To Michael Jordan, With A Close Kobe Bryant 2nd'

(via Canada)

(via Canada)

It's no secret that Vince Carter has some mad respect for Kobe Bean Bryant. Having battled him countless times over the course of his career, Carter has gotten a first-hand look at Kobe and his basketball skill set.

Of course, having played from 1998-2020, he's also gotten go up against LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

And in speaking on the comparisons between the three, he gave the edge to MJ but said Kobe was "a close second."

There may be nobody more qualified to talk about this subject than Carter. And while some have taken issue with his ranking, it's understandable why he would go that route. Michael Jordan is the GOAt for obvious reasons, but Bryant is, arguably, as close as it gets to him.

He adapted MJ's move into his own arsenal and was often a student of Jordan's game. It's clear that a lot of who Kobe was on the basketball court was shaped by Jordan himself.

As for LeBron, his story is not yet finished. He doesn't yet have the winning track record of Michael or Kobe, but there's still time for him to catch up. Perhaps by the time his career is all said and done, Carter will have to revise his list.

Regardless of your opinion, it's interesting to hear Carter's opinion in the GOAT debate and it's clear that he's got tons of respect and admiration for all three stars.