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Vince Carter Responds To The End Of The Deal Between Nike And Kobe Bryant: "It’s Just Mind-Boggling."

(via Business Insider India)

(via Business Insider India)

With Kobe Bryant's contract with Nike expired, we're near the end of his beloved "Kobe" line, and that's bitter news to many.

On ESPN, basketball legend Vince Carter spoke a bit about Kobes, what they've meant for this generation of ball, and the reality of the Lakers star no longer being associated with the brand.

“This is everything. What Kobe has done for the game, what his shoes do for the game, people are always talking about, yo I’m gonna get the Kobes.

Kobe gifted me a pair of Kobe’s, I didn’t wear, obviously I had my own signature shoe at the time. I put those things right on the [indiscernible]. I was not wearing these things, but what it’s done for the game, it’s just amazing. [I] hope they’re able to work something out, lifetime deal is what I’m thinking. Him not being here anymore and to see these two go away from each other and part ways, it’s just mind-boggling."

It's still not entirely clear why Kobe Bryant's estate has not renewed their contract with Nike, as it's a partnership that has been active for decades.

Nonetheless, it seems we have seen the last of "Kobe's," at least, for now. It remains to be seen whether or not Bryant's estate will seek to continue the sneaker line through some other platform.

In the meantime, fans all around the world are going to continue to cherish and appreciate what has been a very popular and memorable sneaker for years now.